What is happening in Hollywood Studios February 7?

Just wondering if there’s something happening on February 7th in Hollywood Studios. A non-holiday weekend Monday has a 9 for Hollywood Studios. Is there a new ride or is it some sort of Star Wars event that day?

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I don’t think so? So often I see some copy and paste crowd levels that far ahead. Here is an example from a couple years ago that looks oddly similar:

I think that’s a great time to visit, and would not think much into it at this point. The Super Bowl is the 13th, so that can’t be a factor.

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We were at WDW during the Superbowl weekend in 2020 and it didn’t seem to affect the crowd much expect for the Superbowl parade.

Could be a traditional weekend for cheer or dance competitions. Not sure which are still happening at WDW next year. Pop Warner moved to Universal.

“Game Day” cheer nationals are 2/11 - 2/13 at WWOS. Maybe they are anticipating early check-ins?

We were there in Feb 2020 around that timeframe and were blown away by how many people were there - days originally scheduled to be 3-6 crowd level were all 9s and 10s. Most of them were tour groups from South America - this is in the middle of their school break. We won’t be going in February again, personally. I would guess that the 9-10 crowd levels during this time are accurate in every land but Epcot, plan accordingly.