What is happening at Hollywood Studios Oct 10-14? No park reservations available

Intrigued and wondering if someone has an answer to this mystery. There is wide open park reservation availability for all parks once you go about 3 weeks out from today’s date, EXCEPT for October 10-14 (Monday through Friday) at Hollywood Studios - all HS reservations are gone for those days for non-AP guests. Disney IT glitch? Something much more interesting? Some big announcement I’ve missed? Any theories?

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That’s fall break time for lots of schools in the south.

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Yep! Here in Memphis that’s Fall Break too. I bet they’ll release more though or someone will cancel. Keep checking! GL!!!

There aren’t any special events that I can find. I’m thinking you’ll be able to book it if you click through. There haven’t been any days listed on chat where people haven’t been able to add, even if the calendar says full.