What is Hagrid's like now not open during early admission?

Inexplicably, the most popular ride in the park is no longer open during early admission. So how do you ride it??? And what are lines doing? Obviously, I don’t want to waste my entire early entry standing an hour in line for a ride to open, so what is the strategy now? Are they preventing people from getting in line until park open, or are people actually lining up an hour early?

I’m On my way! So I’ll let you know. But my guess is the fact that it’s showing up at Universal Express on the official website under rides and attractions is that it’s about to flip.


That may be true. It also is the worst possible case. It means that unless our family of 3 spends another $240, we have little or no chance to ride that ride.

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My plan is to ride VelociCoaster and then get in line for Hagrids on Thursday during EE. I’ll let you know how that goes. If yours aren’t tall enuf for VC then maybe that’ll be something similar to doing FJ first.


To be fair it’s only during the slower time of the season (Jan - Feb)

So… if you aren’t going then you’ll be fine.

Otherwise, just go do the other attractions until about 15 minutes before park open and queue up.

You be able to ride a couple attractions or explore WWOHP for 30 - 40 minutes before you need to get there.


Curious what dates you are visiting? Upcoming holiday?

I have always been able to ride Hagrid’s on a weekday. I have gotten into line late afternoon a few times and although I have waited 45 minutes, I have never waited longer (and it is worth every minute of that wait).


We are going Saturday President’s Day weekend, it will be slammed.

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There will most likely only be virtual line that day.

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I was curious to see recent operating updates on when Hagrid’s opens the VL. So I checked between Christmas and New Year. I looked on the app a bunch of times, even in the middle of the day and never saw the VL in use. :man_shrugging:

Maybe with everyday more like a weekend, it spread the crowds out? Even in September the week days were very easy but it immediately went to VL.

If they are done with the VL, I would jump in the line when it doesn’t go beyond the entrance.

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I just can’t find any VL data. I know a big part of using it was to social distance better. I wish I could find when it was last used.

I am asking chat.

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That VL usage was a test.

Do you agree with chat: they think that with the colder weather Hagrid’s has more issues and the standby line is “safer” for operations?

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Maybe, but colder weather is in the morning when the ride usually doesn’t use VL. And VelociCoaster would have similar cold weather issues too (Hulk and HRRR to a lesser degree as they’re different manufacturers) yet is part of Early Entry.

I think it’s more likely they want to spread out crowds between JP and Potter and give Hagrid some more time to complete its start up.


So testing for the future? I wonder what the game plan is.

I know they said it was a test but was it two different systems? Over how long?

I think they tested the new VL system in summer/fall last year which launched in July.

The first system was in the app and then they changed to the website? So more than a year?