What is going on the beginning of December 2017?

My wife has a conference December 4-6. We are trying to get a room for Friday and Saturday night onsite but nothing is available. The crowd calendar shows medium level crowds. It doesn’t make sense. I know there is a cheer-leading and Pop Warner football event going on but even the deluxe resorts show no availability. Anyone have any information?

WDW marketing efforts pretty much make sure that the resorts are operating near or at capacity year round, regardless of the anticipated park crowd levels. In your case, the combination of convention guests, Pop Warner/Cheerleaders, and seasonal discounts may have filled up all of the resorts.

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If you’re talking about Dec 8-9, I just looked on the Disney website and there were rooms available at almost every resort. Same for Dec 1-2…

Try orbitz, magical vacation travel, and undercover tourist. They sometimes have rooms listed not on Disney’s site.

Is it defaulting to a certain discount/ offer that is not available?

We were looking at the Disney website initially and most of the resorts were no rooms available for our group size and time. I see some that were blacked out are now open. Even tried renting points with two different vendors and they had nothing except Saratoga Springs. Will keep looking just surprised the resorts were so full. Went one week later last year and had no problems.

Thanks for your input.

How many people are in your party? Perhaps that’s the issue if it’s a large group. The rooms for larger groups may be taken.

There are only two of us. If I extend into the week we can get a room but we cant do that as we have to stay at the conference hotel for my wife’s employer to pay the bill. It will work out. I was just curious.