What is considered 60 days to make FPP reservations?

This is my first post so bear with me.
Being from CA, my first and last time at WDW was in FEb. 2011 so FPP is unfamiliar to me.
If my first night stay at a WDW resort is May 2nd and I plan to visit my first park May 3rd, when do I start making FPP reservations? March 5th?

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It’s 60 days before your check in day, regardless of whether you plan to visit a park that day or not.

Ok good to know. When you count 60 days, would it be best to count backwards? So for example, if I check into a WDW resort on May 2, I would count May 2nd as day 60, May 1 as day 59, and count back until I get to day 1, and that would be the day to make FPP reservations??
Also I can make FPP reservations for the 4 days I plan to enter the parks all at the same time?

I count backwards and I make it 3rd March but I just did it really quickly - 8 weeks and 4 days.

Yes if you’re onsite at the same resort you can make all days at once.

Ok thanks. I really appreciate it.

You’re welcome!

I use this site


It says 3rd March so I concur!

Also, your TP dashboard tells you when your 60 days is.


I used google.

Thank you for all the suggestions. They all worked.

Just discovered that when you book through AAA Travel, it gives you the date of your FPP 60 days out.

MyDisneyExperience also has your FastPass day remember it’s 7:00 AM EST time so set your alarm.

I thought I saw on another post that on-site split stays was “working” and you could now do all days at 60 for first stay??? No? Maybe that’s just DVC split stays

Yes that’s true. Split stays now have just one booking window for FPs again.

That’s in another thread on here.


Yes working again now but wasn’t previously.

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