What is better day?

What is a better day to visit MK, A level 8 day with level 7 MK or a level 6 day with level 8 at MK?

I cannot follow this question

TP publishes crowd level predictions for WDW as a whole, as well as for each park individually.


I get it now.

I rarely pay attention to resort-wide rankings. I look at the park itself, if anything at all.

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You won’t really notice the difference between a 7 and an 8. The only time you should take it into account is if one day is a 2 and the other is a 9 or something.


Let me rephrase the questions:

Is MK at level 8 on a level 6 resort wide day equal to MK Level 8 on a level 8 resort wide day?

If they are the same, why is the resort wide level published?

I guess you might be interested in the overall numbers to get a general sense of crowds, traffic, transportation impacts, Disney springs.

Good question though

I think you need an expert to answer this - @len?

Yes, the two MK 8’s are the same.

The resort-wide number is the weighted crowd level across all four parks.


Thanks Len. That clears things.

P.S. love your podcasts

Depending on your “bigger picture” plans, one might argue that it would better to pick MK on the CL 8 day rather than the CL 6 day. Why? Not because it makes a difference for the MK day, but because it would free up the CL 6 day to do ANOTHER park which, presumably, would have a lower CL since the AVERAGE is lower across the resort while the MK is higher.

Of course, this makes a lot of assumptions about your plans. :slight_smile: