What is a room request fax?

I’ve seen the “room request fax” referenced here on the forums. Can someone help me understand what this is, and when/if this is necessary?

We booked a preferred room at Pop for our trip in May. In Disney’s online check-in, I put my first request as highest floor and my second request as 70s building, as that seems to be closest to the food court/bus stop area.

Do I need a fax request too?

You don’t necessarily need to do one, it’s just a service from Touring Plans that many of us use. It’s only ever a request so it doesn’t mean you’ll get exactly what you want. It does give you a free text box though to explain why you want to be in a particular area or building.

If you want to do it, you should see the option on your TP dashboard, assuming you’ve set one up. There might be a blog explaining how to do it, I’ll have a look. I found it pretty easy to do though.

ETA https://touringplans.com/blog/2015/04/27/send-hotel-room-request-disney-automatically/

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