What is a "Resort ID"?

When you go for some extra magic hours at Disney parks, they ask for a valid park admission and something called a “resort ID”. What on earth is a “Resort ID”? Never heard of that before. Thanks

it used to be your room key - but now it would either be your room key or your magic band.

It is used to show that you are staying in a Disney hotel

Thanks everyone. It probably is the magic band. Disney uses that term, Resort ID, a lot as if it is something extra and unique without really saying what "it’ is. Probably a marketing way of deterring ineligible guests. Buried in the FAQ’s on the link chann856 provided, it says that you need a park ticket and “a Disney Resort hotel Magic Band.” So I’m guessing the info I need is embedded in the magic band. It does unlock the resort room door after all. We’ll just chill and find out for sure when we check in I guess. :sunglasses:

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I think beyond just “Magic Band” it would be a “Magic Band affiliated with a Disney Resort active reservation” - basically some form of identification that indicates you are staying at a DIS resort and thus eligible for the EMH perk. I presume they now scan your Magic Band to tell them that while in the past you would show a room key, although I don’t remember if they swiped it to validate it or not…

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Just heard back from Disney on this. Sent them an email asking the same question. As it turns out, a "resort ID’ is your Resort Reservation number.

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You do not carry around your reservation number? If they scan your MB it would show you are a resort guest, that is how they confirm you can be in the line.

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You do not carry around your reservation number? [/quote]

Uhm, no. But my wife thinks we go there so much now, I’m thinking of getting about getting it tattooed. :smiling_imp:

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