What in the world

From the Star Tours Intergalactic Adventure package available from Disney Floral and Gifts

That’s one heckuva warning at the end! Can’t imagine sales are very good as a result.

Let’s hope the chemicals aren’t in the chocolates

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The cancer/birth defects sign is posted all over Disneyland. First time I saw it I was taken aback. It hasn’t stopped the crowds. Disneyland is extremely crowded most days.

I guess Californians are used to it being posted everywhere - but for us going to Disney World, seeing it for the first time - I bet it is a bit disconcerting.

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As a Californian I’m very used to seeing these EVERYWHERE! It’s a silly state law that if there’s anything even remotely related to cancer causing chemicals they have to post these signs, even if you’d have to spend a 1000 years of constant exposure to said chemical to actually get cancer. Hell, last week I saw the sign posted in an Olive Garden. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting cancer from Olive Garden. haha

Well, too much Olive Garden IS known to cause cancer of the soul :wink:

I’ve seen that warning on several things lately. I wonder why only California recognises it?