What if MNSSHP is cancelled?

Someone told me that if the MNSSHP that we purchased tickets for is cancelled by Disney because of weather or any reason, our tickets will not be refunded or replaced. I called WDW tonight and they said that does appear to be true but if it happens, we should speak to someone at Guest Relations at MK park. Frankly, I am pretty shocked that is Disney policy.

I dont think it happens, is the thing. Thats like saying what would happen if MK closed unexpectedly at 4pm? Its pretty darn low odds.

That said, they do cancel the fireworks if its a bad storm and I think if its raining the horseman in the parade cant ride. I have heard that people have success at guest services asking for refunds in those circumstances, but the rest of the party is rain or shine as far as I know.

Yes. I would think that the likelihood of that is pretty low but I was still shocked that is Disney policy not to refund or replace the ticket. I sure hope that they would refund or give us some sort of credit but I was told that we would have to go to Guest Relations at MK that same evening. I had no idea that could happen and will definitely wait to purchase my tickets in the future.

I don't think it's ever been cancelled, although we didn't see the headless horseman one year after it rained.

I have heard of people exchanging their tickets for another day because they felt the weather was too bad. They went to guest services and there wasn't a problem.

I think what you ran into with your phone call is the fact that tickets are non-refundable, simply because they don't want people buying tickets for multiple nights so they have "flexibility" deciding which night to attend, and returning the tickets they didn't use. Unfortunately, that can also block out other people who WANT to attend, but can't because the party is "sold out".

If there ever was a total cancellation, I'm sure they would refund. The bad press wouldn't be worth the money they would lose.

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Again, I really think the same thing that it is never cancelled outside of a hurricane or something like that. And I do think Disney would make good for it. I guess I was really admonished for buying the 3 adult tickets so far ahead today and will feel very badly if my friends get stuck for the money. I just never thought about it being cancelled when I purchased. Oh well, I guess that is what happens when you are the person who organizes everything which I always am. I guess I will just buy the ticket for myself from now on. Sigh.

The same type of "no refunds for special events" policy is in place for all runDisney events. That said, it would take a lot to cancel an event altogether. If you look at the total number of times that WDW has closed since opening day, your odds are very good never to have to worry about the policy. Direct hit from a hurricane or nationwide terrorist disaster -- aside from those, you should be good to go.

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It hasn't been cancelled in years probably 10+ now. It's going to be a major weather even to cancel it. Like the all in Jim Cantore type of event.

Last year or year before there was a high threat of severe storms, wind and lightening and Disney offered to swap tickets for parties later in the week if you asked.

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Thanks everyone. I really feel better about purchasing ahead. It is week of Halloween and so big sell out risk