What if ILL ride goes down?

I’ve read so much about what happens when a regular LL ride goes down. What happens when a paid ILL ride goes down and you don’t get to ride? Does Disney give you a refund if you don’t get to ride, or are you out of luck?

People have posted about getting refunds.


They might first give you an anytime pass that includes other attractions. If you get to use it on your ILL that is an even trade. If you use it for a Genie+ attraction you are not getting the same value. You should insist on the refund.


You do have to visit Guest Services if you’ve already tapped in, in order to get another.

This happened to us when we were walked off the boat (mid hill) at FEA.

GS didn’t have a notification that it had gone down, so I had to explain awhile.


We’d had an ILL$$$ to Space Mountain on the last hour of our last day. A bunch of stuff had gone down during the day and Space Mountain was On and Off. When it went down, they converted it into a Anytime ILL and then closed the ILL line before park close and when the ride was up again. I think the line was so long they didn’t want to stay that late. When I called they tried to say that since they converted into it into an Anytime that I couldn’t get a refund. I certainly wasn’t going to use it on a G+ ride. The other ILL$$$ ride was Seven Dwarves? Whatever it was we’d had plenty of rides of it and weren’t interested in another. They’d also tried to say that since it was up during part of our hour we didn’t deserve a refund.
I ended up having to dispute the charge with the credit card company. Disney at its finest.