What if a discount comes out, but I'm paid in full?

My husband is working tons of overtime to try to get our trip paid off as quickly as possible. I booked with a travel agent and she mentioned that sometimes discounts come out. What happens if a discount comes out and our balance is paid in full? Do they refund the difference or give you a credit somehow? Should I leave about $1,000 on the reservation until closer to time to avoid this? We have almost a year before our trip, so it is very likely our trip can be paid in full way before discounts are released.

They will refund the difference to the credit card you used to pay for the reservation. No reason or need to leave $1,000 (or any other amount) on the reservation.


Mr. Itty,
You are the bomb! You have always been so quick to reply to all of my questions on chat and now on the forum. Thank you so much! My TA is precious, but I bug the crap out of her all the time. I am glad I have another place to ask questions and get good answers. Thanks again!

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just keep in mind if you are paying it a year out and your CC expires or changes (like the ‘target’ fiasco caused for thousands of unsuspecting people this year) it may take a few extra days (ok it takes a few weeks sometimes) to get your refund.