What has the RD wait time been for SDD lately?

Doing a quick rebound trip and was wondering.

Here an article about the changes made today on the new SDD RD procedure


I didn’t realize there had been a change, thanks for posting this! I go next month and RDing SDD is a priority!

It wasn’t announced. However, this is a holiday weekend so I’m not surprised they’re trying something different given the crowds for DHS

Very true. I’ll be there March 5th so I’m guessing crowds will be equally nuts with MMRR added to the mix. I was going to be at the park by 6 but I’m wondering if I should be planning for earlier. I’m really looking forward to reading reports of crowds and RD procedures come March 4th. :confused:

Didn’t realize I was replying to myself instead of the thread. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:

So does this change mean that I’ll be able to get there early and get right in the SDD line without having to navigate the rest of the crowd? That seems like a change I’ll like. I’m also dying to see what happens once the tiers actually change and MMRR opens.

Wonder if it’s just because crowds are high. When we went they just kept SDD traffic to the right, AS2 & TSMM were able to go to the left. I can’t remember if we did SDD rope drop twice, it’s all a blur and was just two 1/2 weeks ago :joy: I know the second time we did TSL for RD the line went very fast. We had to have been off the ride 30-45 mins after park open.