What Happens If Someone In Your Party Tests Positive?

Im curious what happens if someone in the party tests positive for Covid and the entire party is denied boarding and they don’t have any trip insurance… what happens to your reservation? My TA told me that they give you a refund or the option to reschedule but I’m skeptical. Is that true? Does anyone know what happens?

I would trust your TA on this one.


Our cruise last year wasn’t DCL but that’s what we were told would happen.

Yes. If anyone in the party test positive, the entire party is denied boarding. You are given a refund or the option to reschedule.

Keep in mind if you have flown though that when you check in to fly home you will be asked to state that no one in your party has tested positive in the past 10 days…so you’ll need to figure out a place to quarantine or rent a car to drive back.

Yes, trust your TA. They will refund or let you rebook. The cruise line isn’t just going to take your money and say too bad too sad because someone tests positive.