What happens if I just don't make any type of room request?

I booked CL at GF and know I will be in the Sugarloaf building. Other than that, I really don’t think I have any special requests- maybe I just don’t know what I should hope to get?? What happens if I make no request at all? Does that automatically mean I get the “worst” possible room? I feel like I often hear of people making room requests and those aren’t honored anyway…

You’ll just be randomly assigned a room based on what’s available. I’d guess the vast majority of people don’t make requests, at least by FAX, so it’s not like they will claim all the good rooms. More would have some type of preference with the advanced check-in, but that’s relatively general. If you really don’t care about what floor you’re on or what your view is, then there’s probably no point. If you’d prefer to be on a higher floor, or with a view of the lagoon versus the pool, then make a request.

FWIW, when we FAX’d the GF for a room request we got pretty much exactly what we wanted - think we were 1 room down…

I spoke with Disney room assigner and they told me they assign medical needs requests first and then other non medical request next (when possible) and finally assign rooms to guests who don’t make any requests. So I guess it’s possible to end up with the worse room, but I think many people don’t make requests. I feel like it’s easy to do a room request with TP so why not at least try. If the request isn’t filled, it’s no worse than not making the request. Meaning I don’t see the downside in at least requesting.

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I can’t imagine there is even such thing as a “bad” club level room at GF? :wink:


Challenge accepted! I’m going to start a go fund me to study this. Yes, I’ll need to stay at each club level room at the GF and it will probably take months, but that’s the lengths I’m willing to go for science! :sunglasses:


EasyWDW actually had a pretty scathing review of the GF Club level rooms (I think there are 2 types) and one of them had some VERY loud rooms that were basically right off the lounge. He asked to be moved his second night. So maybe you want to take a look at that and request something quiet?

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I admire the dedication. Would you need a lab assistant? Additionally, as this is for strictly science, we should not exclude the controls of how the other hotels club level rooms are.

My fee is quite reasonable and I’m a great(ish) note taker!


This does sound like a far larger project than one person can undertake.

In addition, I would submit that varied perspectives and time periods are required.

Please allow this to serve as my to application to be an additional lab assistant.


This is absolutely correct all variables must be considered. Time, weather, severe weather, daily general staff “feeling”.


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We didn’t make a room request on our last trip at POR in a standard room. I wouldn’t say we had the worst room. We faced the parking lot, but were a short walk to the bus stop, quiet pool and laundry. We also had a great mousekeeper for most of the trip who cleaned well and left us nice little notes for when we got back to our room. We did make a request our first trip at CBR and they didn’t really honor the request. However, we got a great room that time as well.

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