What happened when my FP were deleted from MDE

I booked my MVMCP at 60d along with my two park days. I was warned what would happen (especially by @AuntB_luvsDisney!) But I wanted to book at 60d due to our limited MK time, I didn’t want to chance not getting a FP for 7D at 30d using a dummy profile. So i applied the suggestions of booking MVMCP last and only booking 2 FP from 4-6 (instead of three FP at 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30) But alas I received the dreaded email that I had overbooked my FP and my last day would be deleted. I called the number provided in the email that went directly to the online tech support department. The CM was very knowledgeable and said that yes you are entitled to book FP for MVMCP. She even asked if I had happened to book them last. Then told me I would be fine but she would make note of all the FP just in case and recommended I take screen shots too. A few weeks went by and then suddenly my last day of FP were gone. Seeing no more FOP FP smiling up at me from MDE gave me a start. But I kept calm and collected and called back the tech support. Once more a very knowledgeable CM said this is no problem. He put me on hold briefly to contact another specialist. Very quickly all of my FP were back on MDE. They are now labled as mutiple experience FP that can be used anytime that day! So in the end, I was happy because I thought we would be locked into times with FP that could not be modified. A huge sigh of relief! Also excited that our AK plan can be a flexible one!


Awesome! Once your party day has passed the system should allow you to book 3 additional FP for your last day. Those anytime FP don’t usually count against your 3. You might even get lucky enough to pick up another tier 1 :grin:

Wow! Thanks for that tip!

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