What exactly is the 'modify' trick?

Anyone able to explain?

It’s not a trick really, it’s just refreshing the screen until you find a FPP time that works with your plans. If you currently have a FPP but want to change the time, just hit modify and it will show you more available times. On the app, swipe the times that are showing left or right (depending if you want later our earlier) to refresh more available times. I’m sure someone can chime in and explain it better than me!


I was confused too until I did it. Basically you keep flipping back and forth between times. Ex: if I was trying for something around 3pm, I might try looking in the afternoon time slot. If I don’t see what I want, I might change it to 3pm option. Still don’t see it? Flip it to 2pm or 4pm. Then just keep going changing the search criteria. Basically, anytime you change the criteria you are refreshing or modifying the options.

My theory is that MDE doesn’t show you all the options, just a few at a time that meet your criteria. I frequently went in search of something, didn’t find it and then two seconds later was able to change the criteria a couple times and watch it appear.

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Wow. I did not know this. Fantastic. Thanks!