What else besides V&A?

Doing my 15th Anniversary in the World in October. I’m putting V&A on list but am looking for some other things to look into. For instance, I was looking at the Teton Marina at WL because I’d like to rent Sea Raycers for DS and I and I saw the pontoon boats. The Wilderness Lodge fansite seems to indicate I can rent a pontoon and take it out on Seven Seas Lagoon for my own fireworks cruise. That is intriguing.

Any other suggestions? I realize I’m not going to be able to do all of what I’d like but I’m sure that many of you know tons of cool, off the beaten things to do for a extremely special occasion.

Thanks in advance.

How about something like this…

The few liners I’ve seen reports from that have taken were very positive.

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Happy anniversary! We took a cruise for our 15th anniversary way back in 2011. (I’m older than I look.)

You could do one of the tours. I think one of the MK behind the scene tours and ths AK Wild Animal Trek would be special.

You could also buy a piece of art or a special high-end item for yourselves. There are lots of shops in the parks and Downtown Disney that carry special things instead of souvenirs.

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That sounds like fun. When I win the lottery, I’m buying a Segway to get around in the school. Run over high schoolers!! Thanks, @Outer1

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A cruise is HIGH on my list of next Disney trips. DW keeps quoting lines from Titanic every time I bring up a cruise. I’m going to keep working on that.

Tours are a great idea. Personally, Wild Africa is on my must do list.

Thanks, @SallyEppcot


Oh that reminds me of the vase that @MaccysMousehouse had made in MK last year. We totally intended to look into that while we there and then promptly forgot lol. It was really nice though.


A vase made? Where?

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In the glass shop on Main Street I think. I tagged her so I maybe she’ll add to that in a little bit. From what I recall she struck up a conversation with the glass blowers and inquired about a custom piece in the colors of her choice. It was really nice, and it wasn’t nearly as expensive as I would have thought.


Can’t recommend Wild Africa Trek highly enough; one of the best things I have ever done at WDW.


Hi guys! Yes we had a vase made at Arriba’s Brothers on Main Street in MK. There are 2 glass blowers there and our guy was Charlie. There’s a crystal guy at the front of the store and glass blowers in the back. He was just excellent about making suggestions (shape, colors, details) but he let us make all the choices. The total cost was something like $95. We took video of the vase being made and have enjoyed watching it back! Link to video below.

Charlie’s Masterpiece: http://youtu.be/8lR1_9ylWUE