What does RTH Mean in The Crowd Calendar?

What does RTH mean in The Crowd Calendar. It is under Disneyland & California Adventure.

I finally found the key for what RTH means - it’s showing whether park reservations are available. Green letters mean available and red means all gone. R=Resort Hotels, T=1 park Ticket, H=park Hopper


Thank you daw623. I really appreciate you letting me know what it meant.
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So red for resort hotels means you are not able to book an on-site hotel room? I am still a little confused about this key and what it means, particularly in terms of the hotels.

The RTH doesn’t have anything to do with the hotels and their availability, it is whether or not you can book park reservations depending on whether you are staying onsite, or have 1 park per day or park hopper tickets when staying offsite. For example, if a day shows red for resort guests, that means even if you book a resort room, you won’t be able to make a park reservation right now (and no way to know if it will open up). If staying offsite, and both the 1 park per day and park hopper show red, but resort hotels are green, you could book an onsite room, link it, and then be able to make a park reservation.
I am not sure how accurate the RTH is though, according to it tomorrow is Red for resort guests at DL. But on Disney’s site, Disneyland Park is green for resort guests. Use this instead of the crowd calendar, as it is updated in real time:
You can switch between being a resort guest, and the 2 ticket types to see what is available for park reservations.