What does "Like" mean?

Ok, I know this sounds dopey, but bare with me. I am new to forums, don’t use facebook or any other newfangled mumbo jumbo ;). Why do people “like” posts?? What does it mean?? Sometimes it is clear, a sweet or cute or funny post for example, but sometimes I don’t get it at all. Am I missing something?? PS Please be kind. :slight_smile:

Not dopey at all @B_squared. It is just a way to show appreciation for what someone posts - maybe it made you smile, or laugh out loud, or as you mentioned, it is just sweet or cute. It’s just a way to show someone that you see what they posted and appreciate their effort. At least, that’s my interpretation. I am the first to admit I am not a rocket scientist. Lol!


Agree with @LoveBug53 I also ‘like’ if I think someone has been kind or helpful, or even if I just agree with what they are saying. But then again I don’t do Facebook etc either and am new to all this sort of stuff too!


I must admit I over-think the significance of likes WAY too much. I try not to like anything that has bad news in it, but sometimes I’ll like something after reading the first sentence - maybe a response to something I asked earlier - and then as I keep reading I realize that the end of the paragraph mentions something sad - maybe the person has a cold - and then I get all worried that they might think I’m “liking” the fact that they’re sick, so I unclick the “like” button, but then I worry that they were online right at that very moment and saw that they had 10 likes and then were sad when the number dropped to 9, so I click the “like” again. Ahhhhh! :boom: 10 minutes later, I am usually able to let it go and move on. Don’t be like me!!! Although you can like me if you want. I promise not to read too much into it.


Thank you @splashmommy! You like me! You really like me!

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Ha ha ha!!! That’s great, @SallyEpp_cot! :slight_smile: And thanks to everybody for the explanations – just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Today, of course, I am spreading my likes with a wide hand! And smileys too. :slight_smile:


@SallyEpp_cot, I just had to “like” your post. Lol!


@SallyEpp_cot You are so sweet! :heart: I’m a chronic liker and proud of it! I’m pretty sure even with something sad thrown into a post, people will accept your “like” as a vote of support for their situation. But I admit to feeling hesitation if it is a complete “bad news” post (like on facebook etc.). In that case I usually skip the “like” and offer my support in a reply. Phew! It’s like trying to figure out the “Double Dog Dare You” sequence from “A Christmas Story” - no one wants to make a slight faux pas! :wink:

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I don’t do Facebook either so I’m with you on the exact purpose. :smiley:

I am not on Facebook. I do this on my phone may be easier on the computer. I haven’t found Steve’s morning posts for a couple of days and I haven’t figured out the emotions.

Hi @gabmom! Here is the list of the emoticons that @Outer1 shared with us - it’s lots of fun to see what’s available! http://www.emoji-cheat-sheet.com/ It’s pretty much just using a : (colon) on either side of the emoticon characters. Have fun with them! :slight_smile: