What does DHS RD look like now?

Now with MMRR, what are the RD lines at SDD and MFSR like? For my DHS day in a couple of weeks, I have an MMRR FP+ and am willing to do SR for MFSR. If I were to get to the park at 7am for SDD, would that be a good strategy?

Since it’s opening, right at the start of Spring Break season, the crowds are too large to tell how RD will be in the long term.

This morning, within the first hour of park opening, MMRR, SDD & MF:SR were posting 90 - 100 minute queue times. After two hours most of the rides in the park were 120 - 140 mins.

Plus, all the frustration of BGs for RotR makes planning RD at DHS such a pain ATM.

I’m going first week of April and my tentative plan is to RD SDD and hopefully snag MFSR on a drop (it was dropping pretty regularly before we got to the weeks of the FPP glitch). My logic is based on a blog I read. SDD is a shorter ride so you can ride, get off and still potentially catch another low wait. MFSR is a longer experience which gives lines time to build.

I have FPP for MMRR.

I’m in the same exact boat as you, late March. My plan (and my TP says this checks out) is SDD RD, Star Tours, ToT (FastPass).

IME - RD SDD is the best choice. The ride has a very low hourly capacity because it takes so long to load. Plus, the queue is entirely outside with little / no shade.

We were in HS last week: Monday and Tuesday (before MMRR) and Thursday (after MMRR).

I think you should be “ok” with a 7:00am arrival to RD SDD.
On monday (before MMRR), with a 7:20 arrival, the line for TSL was nearer Pixar Place and the entrance of TSL.
We went for TSM! while 98% of the crowd in front of us went for SDD.
I would guess that we would have easily waited 60 mins for SDD.

On Thursday (after MMRR), with a 7:30 arrival, the line for TSL was about the same place as monday, but we were 10 minutes later.
I guess the opening of MMRR helps, but I would arrive at 7:00 if you want to have a chance to ride a second attraction (TSM!) with low crowds after your RD.

At 8:23 (after MMRR), AS2 was already at 45 minutes, with a significant line and only one side running.
Star Tours is probably the only ride that could be made with a 30 mins of less wait as a second ride (we waited 15 minutes at 8:30).

If you are in front of the crowd at SDD, you could be done by 8:10 and have a chance to ride TSM! ou AS2 with “short” wait time.

On Tuesday (before MMRR), we just roam before opening because we left at 8:10 to RD Epcot (after getting our BG). We went on Sunset boulevard, where at 7:45, there was already a decent line for RnRC and ToT.
My guess is that these two cannot be done that easily: I would guess a wait of 30 mins+ as a second ride at 8:15 for either of them.

And I agree with @darkmite2: I would RD SDD before MFSR.