What do you think of these TPs?

These are my touring plans for two days at MK. it is me , DW, DD3, and MIL. These are the attractions my daughter would like to see, she is big into the princesses so there are a lot of princess meet and greets. The first day we have an ADR at CRT @ 7:55AM. I planned 90 minutes for the breakfast, is that about right? Are these plans doable? Headed there this Wednesday 5/10 and Friday 5/12, CL3 and CL4, respectively.

Day 1:

Day 2:


I’d say 90 minutes will cover you, but to give a bit of wiggle room I might make it 100 minutes. I’d probably also put a couple of 10 minutes breaks in to allow for potty/snack breaks with a small child. Other than that, your first plan looks fine.

The second isn’t public.


Hopefully that works.

Yes that works. I noticed it doesn’t use your FP for Dumbo, but you don’t really seem to have any waits to use a 3rd one. They seem really low to me but I’ve never been there when it’s anything like CL4. Again, I’d add a couple of short breaks in case you get off track but you probably don’t need them as you’ve got those long breaks for m&gs.