What do you think of these plans?

So, we’re going to WDW this July and staying at POR. We’re going to upgrade our tickets to APs when we arrive and have decided that from July 2019 to July 2020, we’re going to have a ridiculous year of Disney before we take a break and branch out to other vacation destinations.

We plan to take 4 trips over the course of the year. This first one in July and then one at Thanksgiving, one in February, and then the last in June/July 2020. I’m putting together a loose plan so I can go ahead and book all of these but I’d like to run my plans by people who are as Disney-obsessed as I am to see if they make sense. So, please, tell me what you think of:

  • Thanksgiving 2019 - Staying 5 days at Contemporary Garden Wing. We got a great deal on this room through Pirate Hooks and Pixie Dust and we figure it’ll be good to be near MK during such a busy time of the year.

  • February 2020 - I’m considering February 5-11 to try to go before people descend for President’s Day, races, and Mardi Gras. We really want to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge and I think this may be the trip to do it since the parks won’t be open as long so we can have time to enjoy the resort.

  • June 30 to July 6 2020 - For this trip, I’m thinking it’ll be advantageous to be near the parks, so we’re considering an Epcot-area resort. My girls (10&7) really want to do Boardwalk because they like that creepy clown pool. I’m not too picky about which resort, I’ll probably just go for the one I can get at the best price. I want to be able to have good access to get back and forth to the resort in order to utilize the pool during breaks in the middle of the day.

Do you think these sound like good times to go and good places to stay at those times? My husband is just like “whatever” so any feedback is appreciated!


Sorry, I don’t have any advice at this moment. Just wanted to say that this sounds amazing and I’m jealous!


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It sounds like you’ll get a little bit of everything during those 4 trips. Everyone on the Dis CL thread raves about BWI’s CL, maybe try that to finish your year with a bang?

you need a babysitter during your trips? :smiley: I have stayed at all 3 resorts although not garden wing at CR; only main tower. Loved all 3. And I think those sound like good times to go, depending on what you want to do those weeks. Sounds like mostly MK during Thanksgiving which is good

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Be careful. We had the same thinking in 2014 when we started our year of APs (to Disneyland so opposite coast, but same magic) and have since extended that year to 5, done a long trip to WDW in the middle of that and are now planning a Disney cruise with hopefully a return to WDW for sometime in later 2020.


I think these plans sound great - choice of locations and a different vibe to each stay. My only question would be whether you could try to catch one of the EPCOT festivals - I think you miss them based on your dates. I have not managed to go to any, but feedback always seems positive.

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Festival of the arts is going on in February, so I think we’d see that one. I do have an interest in the Flower and Garden, but I just don’t want to plan a full trip during that time frame due to crowds and my kid’s school schedules.