What do you think about Chat in MDE?

I have either got no repose, or they send me to Guest Services.

They almost always say I need to call

Agreed, I’ve only used it once and they told me to call.

I know @jeff_az has had good luck with them, but my experience has always been that I have to call to get whatever resolved.


I used it in October while we were at ASMo. I could not get bell service to answer the phone so I used chat to ask them to send my luggage to the room. Sent the message at 2:36 PM. Got the response “Thank you for your message. A CM will be with you as soon as they become available.” At 8:21 AM the NEXT DAY I got a response that the conversation had been resolved. I never got any other response. I used the chat on a Disney cruise in the days after that hotel stay and they were super responsive and got back quickly.

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I used it once from home with a question about G+ showing on my account. I asked at 7am on purpose to see what the response time was like at the critical hour. Got an answer around 10:30am.

It worked great in May. In October, I was getting ridiculously long wait times as others have shared. Totally useless.


The one that finally did respond to my chat inquiry - after 2 hrs - the one time said to call Guest Services and that they can’t help with most things on chat.



The one time I used it, they told me they couldn’t help me and I would need to call.

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I find it to be mostly useless. I used it on my most recent trip twice.
The first time I put in a message because everything unlinked from my account somehow. I put in a request at 1:07pm and got connected to someone at 4:49…who then messaged me nonstop until I got back to him.
The second time I put in a message because I was at medical and needed to cancel a same day dining reservation - and the phone wait was 2+ hours. I put in the message at 10:07 and heard back at 1:59pm. I modified and cancelled on that one, to resolve it myself.
My favorite (said with much sarcasm) part was this response I received

Dude, it isn’t technology…it’s Disney IT.


I have found it helpful but you do have to wait a while for a response and they can see your previous exchanges so you don’t have to repeat every each time. They helped me when the ADR system was being difficult.

I asked for a list of the capacities for the suites in each resort. Some are visible/bookable on MDE, but several are not. We travel in a big group, I like to know my options. At first I was told I had to call in to ask about availability. I hadn’t even mentioned availability, just capacity. So I clarified that I was asking about capacity only. I was told I had to call in for that too, they only have access to the information on MDE. :roll_eyes:

I might be able to get you that info. I’ll check and get back to you.

Sick and wrong that they can’t point you to it. Chat is rubbish. Pure rubbish.

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Thank you!

Yes, it’s very basic information, or so I thought. Ridiculous!

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so uhhh… why are you asking, exactly? (If this were anyone else, I likely wouldn’t ask :wink: )

Anyway, I’ve always had great luck with chat (when it’s active). I mostly use it when needing to speak to DVC peeps. I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem that couldn’t be resolved over it, or at least not one I remember I wasn’t expecting I’d need to call anyway for.

I love it for when I don’t have hours to sit on the phone and listen to the same 2 minutes of phone marketing on repeat for those hours, but I am going to be chained to my computer for the time (read: work multitasking).


I’ve found DVC chat much more helpful than regular WDW.

Except that it isn’t functional at this time :joy:

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Yeah availability of chat is exceptionally spotty.

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I actually used it (again) today. I knew if I called, I’d be on the phone for hours that I didn’t have today. I typed in chat at 11a that I was concerned my Dolphin res continuously drops off of MDE and I find it concerning, especially when I go to make ILL reservations day-of. At 2:52pm, a CM responded, saying she’d “open an IT ticket” with my issue. I never saw her message. She checked back a half hour later. Never saw it and she marked the conversation “resolved”. Hopefully it will actually get resolved, but not getting immediate help like years past is not comforting.