What do you listen to pre-trip?

In the last few weeks before a trip, I like to have our at-home “background music” (what we have playing softly in background when DH and I are both working from home) to be something to get me ready for the parks.

I really like park-related music.

I used to use D-Park Radio app solely… but that app is not well-maintained and it no longer plays nicely with our Apple TV.

Same with Sorcerer Radio.

This time we’ve fallen in love with YouTube videos of “Ambience”… there are a ton, “Hollywood Studios in the Rain Ambience”, “Animal Kingdom early morning Ambience”, “Main Street USA Ambience”, that give the background music and sounds, that really get me ready for being there.

What about you… is there any particular music, Spotify playlist, Pandora channel, etc, that helps get you even more excited and ready for a trip???

Lately I’ve been enjoying the sounds of the parks and resorts. I put on 4K WDW on YouTube and just play all the videos.

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YouTube ads drive me crazy, so I avoid using it for music. Here are a few Spotify playlists I listen to, but I’d love to see more shared here.

Disney 100 - Disneyland Esplanade

Epcot Entrance Loop

Walt Disney World Collection (this one is mine)

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Premium :smirk:

So many subscriptions! I just realized earlier today I’m still paying for Peacock. :see_no_evil:

I’m arbitrarily drawing the line at youtube. (for now)

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I love Sorcerer, especially for ride queue music and sounds. (Rope Drop) And as an XM subscriber I listen to Disney Hits a lot. They play a lot of Disney shows music though, and I would rather listen to more park related music. However, I have become quite familiar with High School Musical, The Descendents, Zombies, Camp Rock, etc because of it. :slightly_smiling_face: