What do you enjoy in Asia?

As most anyone here knows, AK is my favorite park. But if I’m honest, I would say that I spend the absolute biggest majority of my time in Africa there. It feels like there is just so much to do, from FOTLK to safari, to Rafikis, to Gorilla Falls… I can spend hours in Africa alone.

And I often do. To the neglect of Asia.

So I ask you: what hidden little activities do you enjoy finding yourself engaged in in Asia? I’m not talking about KRR or Everest. But the smaller things. The stuff that transports you to real asia and immerses you in the feeling of being there.

I’m open to anything: activity, shows, attractions, non-attractions… you name it.

Why should I spend more time in Asia???


We try to see Feathered Friends in Flight at least once per trip. I also enjoy watching the monkeys on the island near KRR. And of course Maharajah Jungle Trek is a must-do.

I enjoy the feel of Asia but I think you’re hitting on a point – the land is not super cohesive. It’s not instantly apparent that you are in Asia when you enter the land and someone who is not as attuned may not realize where Africa starts and Asia stops.

Personally I prefer the Asia theming to Africa – I mean, the safari is incredible, but otherwise, Asia has more flair. Plus it has EE, which is in my top 3 favorite rides at WDW.



Take it slow. Notice all the details in the theming, they are amazing! I could spend hours just in the aviary section. I also love to hang in the bat house for longer than just a few minutes. They are amazing creatures.


It is definitely Himalayan Asia specific. But Feathered Friends in Flight is a favorite and the theming of MJT is spectacular.


There’s monkey enclosure there. Kind of near Everest that my younger one has fond memories watching the monkeys and having a snack. They are very fun to watch.


Those guys are a hoot!

So it sounds like from what everyone is calling out that I’m not missing anything. Which is good! Maybe I just need to spend more time there so I can love it as hard as Africa!


Oi. :roll_eyes:

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Hehe I know you’re not going to believe me but I didn’t even mean to do that!


It does seem smaller but I do appreciate the change in architecture. And the cool ice cream truck there.


Just hanging out by the river is fun. Also the shops on the way back into asia. Past quality beverages, iirc, there is a little fountain or something cool that I always want to check out but people are there. MJT has not had enough of my time. It’s nice a shady back there. There is also a nice little section next to EE shop and exit. You walk down the stairs. It’s a quiet little place to sit.


I was just going to add this - it is longer and narrower than Africa so there isn’t a lot of space - but there are all of these kinds of nice alcoves and scenic views that it is worth going slowly through. I often am power walking so DD can ride EE 4 times in a row on SR.


Feathered Friends and the aviary. I’ve noticed most people walking through the aviary just pass through without even looking up. The birds are … up … there. The guides are knowledgeable (as always) and if you look around just outside the aviary, there’s all sorts of insect life. The area, for me, is like the train town in Germany. You create the story.
There used to be a Bollywood-type dance group there for entertainment.


I would love this! I wish they’d bring it back.


This is the best show at WDW and it’s not even close.