What do you do when you're arriving for dinner unexpectedly?

You snag a reservation at Raglan Road!

We’re landing at 4:10, should be at SS by 6. Made reservation for 8p to have some cushion time and to not feel hurried.

Need recommendations for achieving best seating and for what is best on the menu!


Is this your first visit? So excited for you! I have been to RR three times (love that place! :four_leaf_clover: ). I have always been given a good table in the main dining area near the stage. I make sure to check in a few minutes early (maybe 5-15?) and specifically told them I was willing to wait for a table with a good view of the show. I usually end up waiting a good 20-40 minutes past my actual reservation time, depending on the timing of the show. I think people tend to stay to watch the end of the current show even after they have finished eating, then during the break between shows the dining room empties and tables start to free up.

My sister has spent the last year raving about the Boaring Burger. :joy: She says it’s the best burger she has ever eaten (and we make some pretty amazing burgers at home) but I didn’t taste it myself. The complimentary soda bread and Guiness reduction dipping sauce is amazing… give me a basket of that bread and an order of the Dalkey Duo and I’m as happy as a clam!

mmmmm . . . Dalkey Duo . . . :yum:
(starts to re-organize upcoming trip itinerary to squeeze in one more ADR)


I’ve never had anything I didn’t like at RR. My favorite is the GF fish and chips. It’s just darn yummy.

I second getting there a little early and tell them you’re willing to wait for a table near the show.


I too have never had a meal I didn’t love. My last visit we had the gnocchi and braised beef- both were great. I love not bleedin chowder and the salmon too. I have Raglan late night in my plans every trip- enjoy!


I love the “chowder”

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I could have made a meal from just the appetizers. The shrimp one and the brussels sprouts. Yum!

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