What do you do when you aren't busy planning your next Disney Trip


Just curious what everyone does in real life. I am a pediatric nurse and am currently working in an elementary school :grinning:


I work as a Service Coordinator for Early Intervention, I am also a mom, wife and taxi driver for my kids activities.


Ooh fun! I work in a pharmacy and am currently training to be a technician


Principal Software Engineer in the automotive market, specializing in Bluetooth.

Also a father of 5 (one of whom is married, while the youngest is 8) and husband.

I also dabble in writing.


Ha, yes, forgot the mom, wife and taxi driver part- me too!


I am an attorney, a hobbyist (part time) photographer, wife and mom of kids ages 7 and 5.


I am a pathologist working in pharmaceutical research and a (not very good) death metal drummer…


When I’m not busy planning my next DisneyWorld trip? Well, I’m touring DisneyWorld, of course! Or cruising with Mickey Mouse. :grinning:

Otherwise, along with DH, trying to make sure our two teens grow up to be responsible, happy, healthy young men… and get their homework done and rooms cleaned!


HR benefits manager.


College counselor


I do accounting for an oil & gas business… I am also a child wrangling referee (aka boy mom) hahahha


I bet you can guess my full time job :wink:

And when that and family isn’t keeping me busy enough, I help others plan their trips. :slight_smile:


Labor & Delivery RN, part time for Disney money :rofl:.


Director of Music at a church. Also direct a community choir and teach a few voice and piano students. Husband and father to our 9 and 17 year old daughters.


So I’m musicdadben on nondisney social media outlets.:blush:


High school math teacher, mom of two daughters and wife.

And when I am not planning my own WDW trips, I love to read about everyone else’s!


I was the choir director at my previous church for 7 years. Kinda miss it sometimes.


I’m a pediatrician working in private practice, wife (with a non Disney husband), mother of 3 (19 year twin girls and 12 year old son) who loves to travel and to scrapbook.


I work in retail for UK supermarket Tesco as a senior manager in my local store … what little spare time I have I spend road cycling :biking_man:t2:‍♂️ my DD13 and DS4 keep me occupied every other second of the day … I drink too much :wine_glass: have far too many opinions and try to be a good husband to my DW of 20 yrs


I’m an instructional designer and project manager getting my second master. I have three trips planned to Disney in the next 6 months and getting married in St. Vincent & the Grenadines in January…all I do is plan!!! (and I love it!)