What do you do the morn of a PARTY night that you are attending

im going bacnk and forth on what to do the moring of the MNSSHP… what do you guys do? do you go to a park for a few hours? do nothing till the part starts? any suggestions are welcome

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Hit a park at RD. Last time we did AK, back to the resort for a change of clothes, and then MVMCP at 4:00.

For Halloween I went to HS and had a great lunch at HBD before I took a break and then went to the party. For the Christmas party I started a little later and went to AK for a couple of rides on EE and then my FPs, then I hopped to EP for lunch at Rose and Crown at 2:30 and then we walked out of IG and took the bus to MK from the BC.

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I was thinking HS for an early Hollywood and Vine Adr…( got kids lol) some shows then back to hotel for rest and party prep. I wanted to do Jedi training, but will probably not get a good enough time and don’t want to push it to much.

How old are your kids? We did HS at RD this past yr for MNSSHP but it was just adults. Kids along I might have done pool time and rest instead. The party is long and exhausting (but very fun!).

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they will be DS7 & DD4…

Same ages as mine. If they had been along with my sister and I when we did rope drop and a few hours at the park they would have been wrecked half way through the party. And they love staying up late. If you have very few park days then I might do it but if you have a longer trip I would just go to the park for the party. Where are you staying?

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we will be at POP

I would hang out at the resort. I thought maybe if you were walking distance to a park it might be okay to pop in for a bit (my sis and I were at the Swan) but your transportation time will make it a longer day for them. You know your kids best but I had two friends take their kids to MNSSHP this Fall and both had to leave the party much earlier than they planned do to overtired kids. It’s a lot of money not to enjoy yourselves.

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Just make sure you eat before you go to the party! There are limited CS options, but lots of candy, during the party.

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Am I trying to get the most bang for my buck… yea I am… LOL
we are also ( as of right now) on the Deluxe dining Plan… so I was going to at least get a sit down breakfast in that Morning… my kids want to go to Hollywood and Vine again… maybe not a park breakfast, but suggestions for a SIT Down Table Service for a nice breakfast.

thanks @PrincipalTinker I am a little concerned about that also, but I was thinking we can always grab something on the go.

Even if we went to MK to have CP or CRT… and grabbed our SOTMK cards for the day and back out to the hotel I would be happy

Casey’s was open and sleepy hollow but since so many CS are candy stations, not many choices.

We don’t buy park hoppers and usually take a midday break so we sometimes use party day as a park hopper. AK in the morning, back to the hotel at noonish, MK at 4.

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@NeedaTurkeyLeg I am just wondering how much you got done? We could Breakfast at Tusker and maybe hit the safari and one other thing. Did you have young kids in tow? was transportation reliable? did you use FPP at AK or at MK from 4-7( if they had FPP when you went)

We used our FPP at MK from 4-7, worked out great.
What about the character breakfast at Beach club and check out the boardwalk a little?
For a park I like the idea of AK and just doing Tusker and the safari.

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@VanellopeVonDoom also with hitting the park, is that again, (as of now) we will not have a car rental. that could also change. so to get to Beach club I would… I assume … go to a park then go to BC… or cab it of course.

I would stay at the hotel and maybe walk over to AoA and cruise around there :slight_smile: the last two years ds (now 5) has made it to midnight due to us keeping it low key prior to the party! Remember you can get in at 4… Leave early (we always run late for some reason???) we also grab caseys corn dogs nuggets/fries on the way in, grab a bench and do some fun people watching! Then while we wait or parade, we snack on pretzels/churros/candy :wink:


Yes probably bus to HS and walk or take boat.

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