What do you carry with you? And how do you carry it?

I guess I put it all in the title, lol.

What do you carry around with you all day in the parks? And what do you carry it in?

Wallet and phone in pocket, MB on wrist, camera around neck, extra battery in pocket. Occasionally a “water” bottle hooked on my belt (especially for MK days). That’s it. My “rule” is if it doesn’t fit in a pocket, it doesn’t go into a park - except for my DSLR.

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A Refill Mug of Tito’s and Club on ice into MK :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of doing the opposite rule!

For comfort, I’d rather have nothing in my pockets. So I’m thinking of taking a small bag with a strap over the shoulder.

Are there lockers/areas to leave bags when you’re on a ride? I don’t suppose many rides will require this. I know they have them at Universal.

There are lockers you can pay for, I think they are near the front of the park. You don’t need to use them though, bags can go on any ride at WDW. There are free lockers outside Kali River Rapids, and unless you are certain that your bag is 100% waterproof, you’ll want to use those.

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We carry as little as possible. A few little snacks the camera (a larger SLR) and the necessities. We have a small backpack that can usually fit on the ride. There is minimal you really need as a whole. If you really look at what you need / use - you will leave 90% behind

I use a messenger bag.

I carry my rain jacket and ziplock bag for it. A smaller bag dor advil, lactase, bandaids, dramine. Extra sunblock, and room for my sunhat. My phone, wallet. Maybe a drink.

That is what i try for.

No lockers needed except for kali

I have to be ready to respond to work emergencies, so have to keep some tech handy: iPad, WiFi hotspot, batteries, aspririn.

Also, our kids have food allergies, so we have epi-pens in Frio cases to keep them cool. Until this year my wife and I took turns shlepping those, think we’ll have them keep them in their own packs this year. (But, will probably carry an extra set too.)

Otherwise: camera on my belt, in bag: ponchos, home made allergy-friendly trail mix, first aid stuff (moleskin, bandaids etc), sun block (I’m almost invisible and kids inherited it), baseball cap, Frogg Toggs, backup set of touring plans printed.

I will either carry a small crossbody purse that’s just big enough for my ID, some cash, a small thing of sunblock, and my phone OR if it’s a very hot time and staying hydrated is a concern then I will carry a small camelback backpack that’s big enough for all the stuff plus it’s got the hydration bladder. It starts out heavy, but that’s an incentive to drink more water! If I think we’ll need ponchos then it’s the second option, with or without the hydration bladder and maybe a small thin microfiber towel if I think we might get really drenched.

There generally will be random minor first aid & pain reliever/medication stuff, a few wet wipes, contact lens drops, etc. in either bag. Anything I care about getting wet I will put into a plastic ziploc bag. If I’m carrying the bigger bag anyway and don’t need ponchos then sometimes I’ll put a snack or two in as well.

where do you DSLR while on rides

For me it depends on the ride - some I will shoot on, so it’s out. Others I will stow in either the bag provided on the ride or just at my feet with the bag strap tucked under me so there’s no worries about losing it. I’ve never had issues on any of the coasters etc. I do stow the DSLR in a messenger style bag (Crumper 7 or 6 Million dollar home - forget which exact one) so it’s relatively well protected.

Not that I would ever do anything of the sort (:innocent:) but bringing “adult provisions” for MK in your refillable water bottle/mug is effective! :laughing:

I’m like @bswan26, and go bagless so I don’t have that weight/hassle. And so I can go through the much shorter bagless line at the security bag check. I take cell phone and ID/credit cards, digital pocket camera, cheap rain poncho, paper copy of plan, and pencil all in pockets of cargo shorts. I wear magic band. No water bottle, I use water fountains as needed.

I love the idea of going bagless, but we have two small children & will be renting a double stroller from an outside vendor during our trip, so we will have some items with us. We’ll have one smaller bag that we’ll take with us everywhere - ID, wallet stuff, my husband’s GoPro, my camera, cellphones & important paperwork items we want to keep on us. We’ll probably have a small padded cooler that stays with the stroller that holds some PB&J or similar snacks, and probably yet one more bag that might hold jackets/sweatshirts, ponchos & princess dresses/accessories for my kids, as well as 2 autograph books & markers, and any light-up toys for the parades. Sorry to those waiting in line for bag check behind us! :slight_smile:

We typically bring our DSLR camera. In the camera case I put my phone and a snack (typically lara bar). We also put moleskin in case we get a blister. My husband has his wallet in his pocket and I usually just add my ID to his wallet. IF we are planning a super long day where we don’t anticipate going back to the resort, we will bring a backpack that has sweatshirts for the night time and we put it in a locker first thing, but I try to avoid bringing lots of stuff in. We don’t have kids so we really don’t need to bring a bag with us.

OH, and i usually carry a plastic water bottle around with me that I refill, and that way if I accidentally leave it on a ride it’s not the end of the world.

DH carries a school backpack, I have a backpack style purse. Between them, we have:

  • Sunscreen
  • Ponchos
  • Battery pack for phones
  • Blister bandages
  • Advil in a travel bottle
  • Personal fans/misters
  • “Emergency” snacks like gummy fruit, 7yo and DH both get hangry and are bad about giving advance warning that they’re hungry
  • Tissues
  • A few individually packed wet wipes for cleaning
  • A few individually wrapped disinfecting wipes
  • A couple of regular bandaids, chewable antacids, chewable Pepto
  • Bug repellant wipes
  • Filtering water bottle
  • Sometimes crocs for rain/wet rides, depending on bag volume - DH’s crocs are huge
  • My makeup, pared down to essentials (powder, concealer, lip gloss, blotting papers).
  • A small travel size tub filled with vaseline for first aid or moisturizing.

We don’t bring wallets. We usually stay onsite and charge to MBs, and I am the designated money person. I have a makeshift wallet with driver’s licenses, 2credit cards, insurance cards, and some cash folded up inside, and held together with a rubber band. Takes up way less space than a wallet. DH wallet stays in the room safe.

Bags just sit between our feet on my rides other than KRR.

I think we’re pretty similar to everyone else. We carry a smaller backpack (from the Van’s Disney line of course) with “essentials”.
Phone chargers, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen/Excedrin, flushable wipes, assorted OTC meds (Tums, Imodium, cough drops, etc), band-aids (which I never thought would come in handy until I sliced my hand on a paper towel dispenser in an AK bathroom), and whole grain bars.
We usually don’t require anymore than this. We took my young sister in law last year and added in some midol and feminine hygiene products but otherwise, we try to travel as light as possible while still having necessities on hand.

Small shoulder bag that DM bought for me in WDW and was waiting for me in our room after our first evening. It was great and fitted in everything we wanted: ID, phone, camera (when it wasn’t round my neck), emergency $10 and it even had space for a small water bottle if we felt we needed one. We never had any problem at bag check, longest wait would’ve been at Epcot and there was a huge crowd waiting to get in but only took 5min to get through.

We go bagless. Everyone wears cargo pants and carries a disposable sunscreen pouch, hand sanitizer, and a poncho. I also carry my phone and a fuel rod. We love not having a bag!

I’m the opposite. I find it uncomfortable having pockets filled.