What do I wear?

DH will be wearing a shirt that says Birthday Boy in the Disney font. The B has an ear hat on it.

I need suggestions for what I can wear to coordinate with him.

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What happened to the Disney Nerd shirt?

There are many things in my arsenal. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m just looking for something to go with this specific shirt.

The only thing that comes to mind is wife of birthday boy. Pink with blue lettering or the same blue shirt with pink lettering. But I’m not the artist you are.

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Un-birthday girl with mad hatters hat?


“The Gift that keeps on giving” or “Best Birthday Gift Ever”? Something to that effect in a matching font. You could either match colors or go pink.


Birthday Boy’s
Birthday Present

(Although, that might have too much sexual connotation than you want.)

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Lol! I talked DH out of the not-so-family-friendly “She wants the D” shirt so I guess this would be a slightly less suggestive alternative.


Okay…so, I’ve seen those “She wants the D” shirts and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a double entendre. Your comment suggests it is…but I couldn’t imagine why any woman would want anyone to wear such a shirt, so I thought I was just imagining it.


lol nice.

Right here is your winner. I absolutely love that.

Birthday Boy’s Girl, with a hat with @k.thorne suggestion.

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That’s my favorite suggestion so far. While the Un-birthday idea is nice, it doesn’t quite match enough for people to immediately get the connection, IMO. @jennmurphy 's suggestion, however, is perfect.

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38 AM

Thanks for all your help! I’m going to go with this one! Pink is LIFE!


Love it!