What day for MK - Friday with EMH or Saturday?

I have 2 days in the parks on Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th. I am uncertain which day to go to the Magic Kingdom.

Prevailing advice is to avoid MK on Friday due to the AM EMH. However, other advice says to avoid the MK on a Saturday due to the influx of locals etc.

So, which day do you folks think will be my best bet in terms of crowds and overall enjoyment, Friday with EMH or Saturday?

Any advice would be a huge help!

thanks in advance.

Are you staying on-site (can you use the EMH)? If so, I’d think Friday would be better if you can get there to utilize the EMH. Every time I go on a Saturday it’s INSANE.

Yes, we are staying on-site. And we are travelling with little ones, so we will likely take a break mid-day and then return in the evening.

I should also say that the other park we intend to visit is the Animal Kingdom. So if we choose MK on Friday, then we are going to AK on Saturday.

We may or may not get park hoppers to do an evening and dinner in Epcot. If we get the hoppers then we may (depending on status of the little ones) head back to MK on Saturday night to close the trip out with wishes and some of the classic rides.

If on-site, the Friday with EMH would be my choice (as long as you make EMH RD).

Agree, MK on Friday and use EMH.