What could be done during Morning XTRA Magic Hours at MK?

Hi all !

I’ve never used morning XTRA Magic Hours at MK and I was wondering what could be done.

Does a plan like is realistic:

8:05 - Peter Pan
8:20 - Pooh
8:35 - Barnstrormer

And be close to Haunted Mansion for the 9:00 opening ?

Thanks for your help !

Definitely depends on the crowds, but I’d say if you really get there on time, that list should not be ANY sort of issue. Usually people TRY to get there on time, but life happens. So the people that DO get there on time, understand what can be done.

I’d really ask myself how much you wanted to do “Barnstormer” more than anything else. I’d assume Barnstormer would be better for later. AM time is VERY precious. Barnstormer is a kiddie street carnival coaster. It is what it is, and it has a place, but unless you know what you are in for with it, you might be disappointed. Kids might be disappointed, too. Just sayin’.

Looks pretty reasonable, might even be able to get in a 2nd Barnstormer if desired. Then make sure to go over to the rope between Liberty Square and fantasyland and you’ll be among the first for HM!

I don’t know anything about your family size or age range, but both Pooh and Barnstormer usually have pretty good day of FastPass availability. You might want to take that into consideration when choosing activities to do during your EMH.

If you don’t have an FPP for it, Barnstormer line is VERY VERY slow. So getting it out of the way can be quite helpful.

So we did EMH at MK on a Friday morning in 2016. We rope dropped Peter Pan, saw Rapunzel/Tiana, saw Ariel, rode Dumbo and Barnstormer, used the Rapunzel bathrooms and waited at the ropes for Haunted Mansion at about 8:50. Fantasyland was a ghost town. I don’t think you will have any issues with what you want to ride. The only 2 with long lines after rope drop was PPF and 7dmt.