What color are WDW ponchos?

We’re going to bring them from home, and I’m wondering if anyone knows what color they’re selling in the parks so I can buy something different.

If you happen to know what Universal is selling too that’d be super. TIA!

WDW ponchos were an opaque clear, kind of like a shower curtain, last time I bought any which was last fall. I don’t know about Universal.

@VFLnSFD is correct. WDW is still selling the opaque clear poncos as of yesterday.

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A couple of years ago we got caught in an unexpected rainstorm at DS so we ran into T-Rex (it was closest) and got really cool ponchos; they are tan with brown dinosaur bones. We still have them and take them with us whenever we go…

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I bought mine from the Disney store! I got them 2 for $5 when they were on sale :slight_smile: