What can we do at BB in 3-4 hours?

My son wants to do BB very badly during our October trip since we did TL last time. When I booked the trip, BB wasn’t set to close for refurb until Jan, but then Disney flipped the dates awhile back, now having BB closing on 10/25. We arrive 10/24. Our flight lands at 11am and we are taking MDE to poly. So now our plan is to go to BB on arrival day. We probably won’t get there until b/w 1-2pm and it’s only open until 5pm. The WP admission is free on our tix which we bough through MVT (the 6 day park tix came with a bonus feature, which can be used for WP admission). He does want to do summit plummet. is it best to save that for last, like get in line right before 5pm? Any other suggestions?

We did this one day, and it’s not a bad plan. You probably won’t be able to do everything, but you’ll get to have a good feel for the park and definitely can get in a few slides. If Summit Plummet is a priority, you might want to just get it out of the way and then squeeze in everything else. I don’t know when they will close the queue, and you don’t want to miss it.

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Also, I would add that transportation can be a little odd for getting to and from BB, so be prepared for that in advance. We left to go straight to Epcot, and it would have required us to change buses, so we ended up taking the bus to the Yacht Club and walking to Epcot.

thx! We will be taking a cab from the poly after we check in there!

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You can get LOTS done. Although BB will probably be busy with locals, it being a Saturday and the last day before it goes down for refurb, we found crowds started waning after 4 pm. Depending on his age, he may enjoy the Ski Patrol Area. If he likes slides, then Runoff Rapids, Summit Plummet, Teamboat springs, Slush Gusher aren’t to be missed, and you should have time for all of them.
The Downhill Double Dipper and Toboggan Racers are both short and a little dull for the duration of wait for them. The Wave Pool is boring compared with TL, and the Lazy river is cute but again, nothing special.

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Thanks! That is very reassuring.