What can hubby do with 5 yo while others are on FOP?

I am creating our Touring Plan for AK for August 12. Tomorrow is our FPP day, as we are staying off-site. Our teenagers and I plan to ride FOP, but my husband doesn’t do simulator rides, and our 5 yo may be just too small (or frightened) to ride. I don’t know yet what time of day we will do that attraction since it depends on whether or not we can obtain a FP. Are there any suggestions for what my husband can do with our little one nearby while I ride with the teens? We won’t be switching off…just going to the next step in the plan after we ride. This is our first time visiting since Pandora opened, so I don’t know what is nearby.

My DH took my kids that didn’t want to ride FOP on the Safari with a FP. It worked out well since there is an entrance to Pandora from Africa.

There is also an area in Pandora with drums and such for the kids to play with.

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Our plan is to do NRJ.


When we did it last year my 5YO and I took some PP pictures with a photographer nearby and then poked around in the gift shop because it was hot out.

NRJ would be my plan.

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Great suggestions! Thank you!

I would book the FPs anyway and let your teens go twice. It’s an amazing ride and worth extra rides.

This is a good idea too, and one I am considering. Our teenagers have been to Disney several times (our 5 yo has only been once, when he was 2), so I was thinking of using those extra FPs for my husband to take the little guy to do something he wants to do. However, Triceratop Spin is the only thing I can think of that he would want to do that the teens would not be interested in, and there is no FP for that.

Following. I was wondering the same thing, I will be with my 4-year old while my husband rides FOP solo. I was thinking of taking her over to the Boneyard to play. However, I am not sure how close this is to Pandora- I have a really hard time judging just how big the parks are by looking at the maps.

Boneyard is not close to Pandora. I’d say it’s a 10-minute walk with a pokey 5-year-old. But, you could go there and have the others meet you there when they finish FOP.

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I was wondering about this for another ride- would you book 4 fp+ for FOP at the same time, two people ride FOP, switch magic bands with those who didn’t, and then the same two ride again within the same window?

I would, yes. We have 4 little ones. We used my 5 yo twins’ MBs since they were too little and had rider swaps from our 2 yo. My 8 yo got to ride 5 times, myself twice and my wife 3 times.

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Cool, thanks! I’m hoping to do FOP with my son while my mom and daughter do NRJ, but later in the day for 4th FP don’t really have anything for those two, so was hoping I could use their MBs to do the rapids while we save Dinosaur on ours.

We could not get FPs for FOP, so it has turned out to be a non-issue for us after all. Won’t give up, though!

Maybe do face painting. They have it in Pandora super close.

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The Boneyard is not close but it is wonderful!

They could also do Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

I was thinking of doing Wilderness Explorers.