What back pack would you recommend?

My DH is usually the backpack wearer in our family and I take a small bag of some sort, usually pretty small. For this WDW trip though I want to spread the load a little more so I’m looking for a really lightweight, small backpack. I’ll be carrying things like phone, charger, couple of water bottles, ponchos, snacks, flip flops, etc. Small things but a few of them. We’ll be there in Summer so I don’t want to have a heavy thing against my back making me sweat more. Has anyone got any suggestions or let me know what you use. (links if possible please).

Perhaps a Kavu sling bag?

This year I’m going to try something like this…though not as large

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I have two different, travel messenger bags that I switch out.

One is a Baggallini, and the other a Travelon. Both are smaller than a backpack, but can carry most of what you listed.

I used a backpack when the kids were in diapers, and couldn’t wait to stop using it. My back was all sweaty and it gave me the ability to carry too many things (that I didn’t need).

I like the messenger style bags because it is easier to access them on the go.

My 12yo is going to carry a sling bag that can be worn on front or back…but that is smaller than what you need.

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I brought a few different bags and I very much preferred a cross body Baggalini. That way I didn’t have to continually take it off, put it back on every time I needed my phone or something.



We have these only two zips and very light




This is actually the one I’ve been considering, but I think it’s a smaller version. It has great reviews on amazon.

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Pricey but great quality, I love Tom Bihn products and their Daylight Backpack would be nice for a day in the parks

Re. sweating, though, maybe a cotton pack, such as Vera Bradley? Or fjallraven:

I grabbed this one over in Australia.
It has a mesh backing so that it reduces how hot the backpack gets on your pack and allows an awesome amount of airflow. As well as a rain cover in case of those typical Floridian downpours.

RFID blocking areas for scammers and scan-pockets. A key latch up the top under the zip pocket and an earphone cable hole for the travelling beforehand.

As well as the fact they are light as and really hard wearing.


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As you consider, I’d recommend that you make it as uncomplicated as possible.

When you pass through Disney Security, they will expect you to open every pocket so they can look inside. The more zips, snaps, buttons, etc., the longer the security line will take you. A single pocket with an open space that is not completely full will get you through security far faster… and keep you from being the target of the ire of everyone around you who is watching the people in front of them in the line take forever.


These are convenient and easy, but for all-day trips to amusement parks, the straps can start to become annoying over time unless you keep the load EXTREMELY light. I have used them in amusement parks before, but only when carrying very little in terms of weight. Otherwise, it is better to find something that has wider straps, IMO.

Unfortunately, the bags w/ the one big single pocket make it difficult to find stuff for the entire rest of the day!

I find a nice combination of a few pockets and a small bag to work best.

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Depending on how much you’re carrying, this can certainly be true!

Personally, I find that it helps me pare it down to “What do I really need to be carrying?”

YMMV. :smiley:

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I bought a fantastic backpack for use in WDW that I got in the UK and took over with me. Pretty much the second I arrived in Florida I realised a backpack was a non-starter. It’s too hot and humid (in my view) to wear a backpack.

I carried a tote bag around and that worked really well. This year I’m trying something a little different. A small bag, with an over-the-shoulder strap. But I plan on carrying the minimum amount of stuff. Last year I carried around a pair of shoes in case in rained. This year I’ve found rain-proof (so it says on the packaging!) shoes.

I should point out that I try to avoid the backpack entirely now. Cargo shorts all the way. Eliminates any need for a backpack.

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Yup, same here so I have a smaller bag with dedicated spaces for small things…credit card, ID, battery charger w/ cord, disposable poncho, etc. All that stuff would be lost in a single pocket bag.

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I would point out that A SparkleSkirt accomplishes much the same purpose for those of us who wear skirts. :smiley:

I used a very lightweight, ripstop nylon hiking daypack that I bought on Amazon for $7. I didn’t want a drawstring bag because those straps hurt my shoulders. There are several brands that you can choose from that are around $10-$15. The backpack itself folds up into a pouch that doubles as a pocket when you’re using the bag. I wanted the bag itself to not weigh anything, so all the weight came from the stuff in the bag. It held ponchos, wallet, phone, autograph books, and all the “mom” stuff: hand wipes, sanitizer, tissues, etc. The one I chose had 3 zippered compartments (it helps me find things faster with more pockets), but there are some with just one big compartment. It was great, and as long as you have all your pockets unzipped when you arrive at security, it doesn’t take long at all.

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I am a huge fan of REI brand of backpacks. Super well organised, water resistant, often comes with its own raincover and mostly super comfortable. They have different sizes (even some where the straps are more adapted for women!). I love going to REI and check their stuff.

Try a fanny pack!