What are your favorite/least favorite stores at Harry Potter?

Title says it all. So many stores and my teens want to go to all of them. They are also big shoppers, but I don’t want to hit every store if some of them are meh. Tks!

Probably not what you want to hear, but all of them!! :woman_shrugging:t4::grimacing::laughing:

Not for actual shopping, but for theming and movie props.

Don’t miss Borgin and Burkes for sure and the Magical Menagerie. I hope those are the right names.

Without even looking at the merch they’re all wonderful :star_struck:


Oh and Madam Malkin’s.
Lots of movie costumes in there!

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If you stand in front of the mirror in that shop it will talk to you!! It’ll let you know if the outfit you have on is fashionable or not! :laughing:


Also don’t overlook / walk past “Knockturn Alley”. It’s right next to The Leaky Cauldron. It’s dark, shady and wonderful A/C with benches!! Plus, it’s pretty fun.

Also, I’d advise that you do all the shop exploring over in Diagon Alley. Hogsmeade does have a couple stores, but DA is where all the action is! (IMHO!)


The shops don’t really take a lot of time to browse through quickly, actually. Worth hitting them. There aren’t as many as you might think. And often it is a quick pass-through, unless you are interested in buying, for example, a Quidditch sweater or something!


I like Scribbulus, the school supplies store.

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