What are you Wearing? (Shoes, Costumes, Apparel, Accessories)

I know I’ve seen a couple of links for Disney-ish running gear…if you’ve got stuff you love or clever costume ideas - I want to know about them!
I do not go all out - my apparel more or less alludes to a theme, but I’m always so envious of the people that have all that costume creativity.

Has anyone shopped with Crowned Athletics? I’ve very intrigued by their Geodesic collection: GEODESIC ICON – Crowned Athletics

I feel like someone here - or maybe on the runDisney FB page? - shared their outfit that was from here and had only good things to say!

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I’m re-wearing Ariel for Wine & Dine. Tank from iglow running.com & skirt from Boulder (formerly SparkleSkirt). I’m wearing Bo-Peep for January 1/2 (also from iglow) & undecided about Princess. Probably re-wear something for 10k & something new for 1/2.

Their stuff is really cute, but it appears that they have built-in bras. That’s the reason I have never ordered from them, but a lot of people really like their stuff.

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I bought my first Boulder in the spring and my goodness it is the most comfortable thing I own, period. My only “regret” is there are not more prints that I love.

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@OBNurseNH I also buy their leggings. I just buy plain colors & they are great.

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I have some mood boards for outfits, but haven’t made a decision. I already own most of these things so I just need to decide. Not costumes, just Elsa inspired.