What are the rules for VQ rides during extra evening hours?

What are the rules for virtual queue rides like guardians during extra evening hours?
Will you still only be able to ride once via VQ?

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You can ride once from the 7:00 or 1:00 VQ drop, and again at the 6:00 for deluxe guests. So 2 VQ’s are allowed on the same day on EP evening Mondays if you are able to snag them!


Can you start trying to get the second VQ at 1pm drop?

Not sure exactly what you mean, but you have literally 5 seconds at those 3 drop times to secure a Boarding Group. So you need to be on your A game.

Here are instructions and tips if you need them.

The drop for the extended hours is at 6pm. You don’t need to be in the park, or have already tapped in.

If you don’t have an Epcot park reservation you must have a hopper or AP, but the system just checks your deluxe eligibility.


I heard someone here say the drop for evening hours is at 4pm. I guess I’ll try to check both times

The drop is at 6pm. There is not a 4pm drop. Also, I believe the report was in MDE there is a separate BG link for the 6pm drop.

Actually, I don’t think k we should be saying “drop”. It is a scheduled release time.


Just to summarize:

The VQ opens at 7:00am. A limited amount of BGs are available and may be all distributed within seconds. Guests must have a reservation for Epcot (but obviously no need to have tapped in) to enter the VQ.

The VQ opens again at 1:00pm for any guests that were unable to get a BG at 7:00am. Guests must have tapped into Epcot (meaning they generally must have a reservation for Epcot because this is before the hopping time). You cannot get a BG at both 7:00am and 1:00pm. Eventually if demand wanes, it is theoretically possible for BGs to last past 2:00pm, in which case hoppers could pick up a BG upon tapping in (this happened with Remy).

The VQ for Deluxe evening hours opens at 6:00pm and is ONLY open to Deluxe (including DVC) resort guests (includes check-in and check-out days as well as duration of the stay). Guests do not need to have tapped into the park but must have valid admission for regular hours (either a one-park ticket with Epcot reservation or a hopper ticket or AP with any reservation and have to tap into the reserved park before going to evening hours event).

You CAN enter the 6:00pm queue even if you already got into the VQ at either 7:00am or 1:00pm. You can also get an ILL independent of the virtual queue. So in theory, a deluxe guest could ride three times in one day (regular hours VQ, ILL, and Deluxe VQ).