What are the numbers next to each date on my trip on the app?

In the app, when I click on my upcoming trip, it has a number (5/10 for example) at the top of each date, right next to the date. I thought this might be the business rating for the park I picked for that day, but below that it has the abbreviation of the park I picked that day plus a number next to it. The number next to the park abbreviation doesn’t match the number next to the date in any of the cases.

For example, on the first day, there is “5/10” next to the date, then below it says "park selected: AK(4).

Any ideas? Is it a general business rating for all the parks in general that day?

Edit: screenshot attached.

I think you are talking about the Crowd Level (CL). So for your example, they are predicting a crowd level 5 out of 10 at that park on that day.

I should say I am not on the app and assuming from what you posted so if someone is on the app and I am assuming wrong please correct me :slight_smile:

You are correct!

Then what is the separate number that’s next to the park selected for the day? For example, see the screenshot attached. The number next to the date is 5, but the one next to selected park is a 4.

One would be the overall and the other park specific?


Is there any way to confirm? Are there mods or other support? I’m brand new.

@brklinck, can you confirm?

Oh, welcome!

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If you click on the add/change park it will give you the predicted crowd level for each park and the overall park crowd levels.

Yep, January 14th is a Crowd Level 5 (out of 10) and Animal Kingdom specifically is crowd level 4 (out of 10). You picked great days- Have a great trip!


Okay, that’s what I was thinking. Thanks. Are there any good guides to get the most out of this app? I’m having trouble figuring out how to make the plans on the app. Or do you have use the website more than the app?

I’m very new to this! In fact you were my first reply. I have been working everything on the website so far and not used the app on my phone yet. I would highly recommend going through the website to see everything they have available and it helps you learn as you go. I have only made a practice touring plan so far and as my time gets closer I can already see I will have a million questions for the group.They all seem great though and willing to answer everything quickly.

Your plans will link to the homepage of the app but it is always best to make them on the website.

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Website has more features.

Yes, the number next to the date is the overall CL, and the one next to the park is the park-specific CL.