What are the fun things to ask the CMs for at WCC?

I just made an ADR for DD10 and I for next Sunday at WCC. Haven’t been there yet, but will have a car this trip so want to give it a try. Can you guys remind me some of the fun things to ask for and what happens when you do? Something about ketsup? And coke?

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Are you sure you want to know, or just experience it yourself?

Btw, ketchup and a LARGE coke. Both are fun

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Hmmmm. Good point @Agent_C. I guess I just need to know what to ask for. It sounds like the kind of place my daughter would get a kick out of. ( She’s used to shenanigans )

For the soda, tell them you’re REALLY thirsty. Also ask for straws. :grin:

If you really want to embarrass her, have her “borrow” ketchup from another table.

BTW, I’m sure you already know this, but the milkshakes are awesomesauce.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Do all the CMs play along? Will they do the same thing for Lemonade? (DD doesn’t drink soda)

Explain ‘borrow ketchup’. Do I have her get up and swipe some other family’s bottle? (I haven’t rubbed off on her THAT much yet, so I’m not sure she would)

Most CMs play along, but of course you could get one having a bad day. You will see what I mean with “borrowing” - the family you ask will have plenty. When we went, the boy at the table next to us told his sister to ask us if they could borrow some ketchup. We warned them not to, but they insisted. We gave it to them and hilarity ensued.

I think the allears menu had some other suggestions as well.

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@MDU When we went there a couple of weeks ago they had coasters that were red on one side and green on the other. Green side up means I want to play. Red side up means bring my food and don’t mess with me. I asked for Tabasco and only got 1. We got a table full of ketchup though. I ordered the all you want skillet. Our waitress hollered out “Oh I got me a little piggy over here!” WCC is a lot of fun. They did the same thing for iced tea.

Thanks @Grumpy_in_Tejas. I’m looking forward to it!! Her reaction is going to be priceless

Are you going for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

@Grumpy_in_Tejas I didn’t know that. Guess we had our coasters green side up :grinning:

Was there last Sunday. Heard a CM yelling to be quiet because someone was on their cellphone. Brought dd celebrating her bday the “bill” for $1000000.99.

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Going for dinner

Cant remember what Podcast I heard this on but they now have drinks mats that’s say either ‘you want the fun’ or ‘you don’t want the fun’, don’t think its them words but think they were getting complaints from people not in the know.

Sorry for my silly ? But what does WCC stand for? :wink:

Whispering Canyon Cafe in Wilderness Lodge. Good food, and can be lots of fun.

I hear that too – maybe Disney Food Blog??? In any case, the drink coasters are red on one side, green on the other. Green means you want to play, red means "just give me my food and leave me alone, :wink:

Thank you!! Is it an ADR?

It is TS, so yes, I would suggest an adr.