What are the chances this will magically resolve itself?

I called Disney tech support today to have my two MDE profiles (Me K. Myself and Ms. Me Myself) merged. I was on hold over an hour but it was a quick fix once I got through.

Our MVMCP party tickets are no longer linked to my account, and I got an error message when I tried to use the confirmation code to link them.

Do you think there is a tiny chance that when if I check again in a few days they’ll be back?

If I don’t have another hour to spend on hold listening to promotional audio, can we just show up at the turnstile with our printed tickets?

I don’t have an answer, but we are also having trouble with our tickets not showing up on MDE. But it’s our park ticket! Called IT and they couldn’t fix it over the phone, so put in a ticket to get it addressed.

Ugh! I hope you get it fixed soon. Hope you weren’t on hold too long.

It was awhile! The cast member was really nice though.

Well, never mind, I’m just a ding dong. They’re there under “My Tickets,” but I was expecting them to show up in “My Plans.” So it sort of did magically fix itself.

@Kkerr76, I hope your issue gets fixed soon!

Oh good! Yeah, I’ve got until January, when my FPP day comes, so we’ve got time, but I’d rather things were working!

Our third ticket has shown up on MDE! Yay!