What are the best dining room locations on the dream?

We just booked the dream and we can request a dining location in the dining rooms. What are the best locations?

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Best is relative - and it depends on the MDR. What’s next to a window in one may well not be in another.

And like anything it is ONLY a request.

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Because the different dining rooms have different areas that are good I don’t ever put in a request. If you have a very strong preference that fits the options in the request, then go ahead and request it, but otherwise, I would leave it open to where they can place you. We’ve always had either a fantastic or great location, never a truly bad one. The only tables I wouldn’t want are the ones near the entrance of Arendelle, where it’s impossible to see the stage where the show happens, but that’s an entirely different ship, so for the Dream you’re good to leave no request.

Thank you!