What are the benefits of early morning CP breakfast?

I see on Lines and Forum lots of love for booking pre RD breakfast at MK. Besides the food and characters, what is the special reason, if any, to be able to go to MK before usual opening time?

Being in MK w/o the crowds is awesome. Wonderful especially for family pictures w the castle. Also, if you time it right, you can be a step ahead of the RD crowd for attractions like the Mine Train. And the buffet isn’t bad at all. If you have kids, seat them on the outside so they will have easy access to the characters.

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I think it’s a good option for morning people. If you’re all up and ready by 7 every day, then you might as well get a head start on the day. I think it feels really special to walk down Main Street before everything is open, and then you have a nice breakfast and are ready to go around the time the park opens. However, I think a lot of people end up disappointed if they go in not caring about the breakfast and have really high expectations about getting ahead of the crowds. There’s no guarantee that breakfast will be speedy, and there are very few 8 am ADRs. If you get an 8:30 ADR and are looking forward to the meal, then it’s still a wonderful experience. You just have to adjust expectations a bit. If beating the crowds is the top priority, then spending 45 minutes waiting at RD is more effective than trying to do the pre-RD breakfast. It guess it all depends on how you want to spend your time before park opening.

Great points @SallyEppcot. We are doing our first pre-RD CP breakfast this trip and I am slowly adjusting my expectations after only getting an 8:25 ressie. Beating the crowds was my original goal but since that may not happen I am switching gears and getting excited about walking down Main St. while it is still pretty empty and getting some pics of the castle.

Exactly. On a low-crowd day - anything from 1-5 I suppose - it’s just not going to be a problem if you finish breakfast at 9:30 and start touring then. It won’t get you to the head of the line for 7DMT or A&E, but it will still make the start of your day very nice.

In our case I think we might still get ahead of the crowd for 7DMT. It is just two adults and we will get to the park well in advance to hopefully get in a bit early. We will also get the check as we are seated (great liner tip from last trip). But for a family with kids I would imagine it wouldn’t happen unless the ressie was for 8am.

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Thanks, for the info, all. I guess we’ve never done pre RD breakfast b/c we’re just light eaters in morn, entire family. Always have breakfast from fridge in room and dash out. Usually have at least one TS or character meal each day for dinner usually.

I do love idea of being on Main st b4 crowd arrives, but really could do that I guess by being at front of RD lines, by getting there earlier than usual. we’re RDrs always.

Last month we had late breakfast(brunch-lunch time really) at CM. Was great for littles seeing Mickey and Minnie, their faves, for 1st time. The food, well, wasn’t best brunch I ever had at disney. But that’s ok, was worth it for the characters.

@Staza - think you should give the pre RD CP a go - Main Street experience is completely different than being at the front of the RD queue. Also, meals at CP seem to be so munch fun - consistently the best character meals we have been to.

We are doing an 8am CP because we are staying at cr so just an easy walk over, for not queuing up forever in line to make rope drop, get a big meal in our bellies to last into the afternoon, see Main Street without a huge crowd, and because it sounds fun. :slight_smile:

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We did our first 8:05 breakfast at CP this summer. But then we headed to BTMR not 7DMT. We qued at BTMR and were asked if we wanted to open the ride. Of course we did! We rode in the very back all by ourselves. It was a lot of fun and totally unexpected advantage of getting a pre RD ADR.

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It felt really special to walk down Main Street with very few people there, and to get some nice pictures of us in front of the castle. :slight_smile:

However, if you have never seen the Welcome Show – you NEED to see the Welcome Show. So do that too. You miss that if you’re in the park early. :slight_smile: