What are some of YOUR tips and tricks?

What are some of YOUR tips? I replied to another thread with this, but thought it might benefit someone else, so I’m reposting here.

I’m not sure if this is still a benefit at all hotels… they had been talking about changing it to only certain hotels (deluxe, for example).

From my experience, you DO NOT WANT TO VISIT the early opening park anyway. That tends to be the busier of the four parks, because other people follow the same logic, so you’re not saving as much time entering an hour earlier.

Some other time-saving tips:

  1. Open later parks are good, but avoid Epcot on Friday and Saturday nights, as that’s a park people will “jump” to in order to enjoy food and wine, or whatever festival is happening (pretty much all year long). Locals too, which means a lot of people drinking and walking around in large groups.

  2. Start your park day going AWAY from the crowds - this typically means head LEFT. The only exception is AK, because people head left to go to Pandora.

  • In MK, they rush to the RIGHT for Mine train ride and the kiddie area, and tomorrow land. Head left and enjoy Adventure Land (pirates, etc.) or BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN

  • In EP, they head to spaceship earth, then to the test track, and tend to tour the “world showcase” by starting in Mexico. Start in Canada, you’ll have less foot traffic for your tour.

  • In AK, everyone rushes to PANDORA for FoP especially. Try the DINO ride/land, there are kiddie rides there too, or head to Asia to EVEREST for those thrill seekers to ride again and again.

  • In HS, people rush to TOY STORY land or BATUU (Star Wars land). You could hit up ToT and RR on the right, and THEN get your Starbucks Coffee (the lines, yikes!), -or- check out STAR TOURS, RAILROAD, etc.

  1. If it’s going to be a particularly rainy day, prioritize the rides that could close in a thunderstorm (like SLINKY DOG, EVEREST, TEST TRACK, MINE TRAIN, DUMBO, basically outdoor rides that could be hit by lightning.

  2. If it’s going to be a HOT day, save some indoor A/C for some experiences with line/cues inside, or shows (like LION KING, TS-MANIA, HALL OF PRESIDENTS, IT’S A BUGS LIFE, etc). During the heat of the day, you will WILT, so soak in the A/C when you can. :snowflake:

I realize this has little to do with your hotel question, so I’m going to post this in the main chat. Have a good trip, and PLEASE let me know about these good neighbor hotels, as I’m particularly interested in the ones near Disney Springs.

Have fun!

Ohhhh… that’s all changed now. Now, if you’re staying at any WDW resort or Good Neighbor hotel you get 30 minutes early entry at any of the 4 parks every day. The deluxe resort thing is that they have one night of late hours at MK and one night at Epcot that only deluxe resorts get.


I feel like they let people in 30-minutes early most days, I didn’t know that was a resort only thing… wow, the more you know!

For awhile in 2020-2021, when there were no EMH or early entry at all they were just opening at sometime before posted opening time for everyone (in our experience it was anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes before). Then, in September or October 2021 they started the new early entry benefit, and now I’ve heard they occasionally let people in slightly before the 30 minutes early mark, but they will generally hold you at the ropes until the official time. I think it’s a really random thing, though.

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