What are some of your favorite websites and podcasts to view/listen when planning a trip?

We are planning our 2nd trip to Disney. The first trip in October 2015 we just went in with no plan other than the FPP+ reservations. We just booked our 2nd trip for September 2017 a month or 2 ago. I stumbled across this website after I bought and read the book. I joined immediately after reading the book cover to cover in about 3 days. I realized then how much planning goes into a Disney vacation. So back to my original question, what are your favorite websites/podcasts to use when planning a vacation? Besides this one of course.

For WDW I really enjoy the following podcasts:

  • Backside of Magic
  • Mighty Men of Mouse
  • Be Our Guest
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I had asked about podcasts about 6 months ago and got some great suggestions. Here’s a link to that post:

Now I listen mostly to Be Our Guest, Mighty Men of Mouse, WEDway Radio and Disney Dish.

For websites I usually checkout:


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I too posted about podcasts long ago. There are some good ones here. The fangirl (why is that autocorrected to tangible?) in me comes out reading what some of the podcasters posted. Disney Podcasts

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Here are a few others that I also watch :


The disunplugged is done almost every Tuesday.
The disdailyfix is normally each weekday.

Also I saw that Houstonmama posted these:
Disney Podcasts
Be our guest
Wdw happy place.com
Wdw radio
Wdw today
Disney dish with Jim Hill
The earvengers
Mighty men of mouse
Wdw news today
Inside the magic
Dolewhipped (new so a little rough)
Passporter moms (so so)
Wdw fan boys (G rated one)
Dis unplugged
Big fat panda

Hope it helps

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My favorite is the DisUnplugged. Mostly because I like the sassy gay guys and their honest opinions. They don’t sugar coat anything and aren’t afraid to call BS on stuff Disney is trying to get away with.

I also like Disney Dream Girls based out of the UK. Mainly I just like their accents but they have good interviews and trip reports.

Backside of Magic gives semi back-alley advice that may or may not work. It’s kind of interesting the ways people will try to save money.

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Thank you to everyone for the wonderful responses. These will be helpful in planning our upcoming trip.