What are some of the better restaurants at UOR?

I havent heard much about the resort dining options and was wondering how they were, last time we were at Universal Studios we ate at some Mexican restaurant in the back of City Walk and it was empty, was pretty good too.

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I'm a sucker for Margaritaville just because it's there and chilled out - I think partly because we go every time we are in orlando

Vivo is getting rave reviews.

Oooh...I would also love this information. We're staying at Royal Pacific next June.

We like Bubba Gump and it's a tradition for us to eat there when we travel to Orlando or Anaheim. Margarittaville was pretty good in April too. Lots of new places there to try in City Walk.

At IOA, we ate at the the Hog's Head and Three Broomsticks. There is a back patio there that was so great to eat on, as recommended in the UG. At The Studios, because we were there pre-Potter opening, we ended up in the Simpsons food court. We got Duff beer and waffle chicken sandwich that was not bad. It had several fast food type options, and if you are a Simpsons fan it's fun to eat there. Next time it will definitely be the food in Diagon Alley for us.

At City Walk - we tried the NBA restaurant because our DS9 begged (food was not bad, but pretty standard chain food, atmosphere left a lot to be desired and it's feeling a bit run down). Emeril's was our other dinner - that was phenomenal. My DH and I both went with the chef's tasting menu. Both restaurants had pretty last minute reservations. We made NBA day of (it was not crowded at all, so that was clearly why) and Emeril's let us move our time up by an hour when I called that day.

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Fast Food Blvd and Leaky Cauldron. The new hot dog place (Hot Dog Hall of Fame) was good as was the New Mexican place, Antojitos.

We loved the Bob Marley restaurant on city walk, great interior & feeling to the place. Food was really good & different from the regular choice you usually find. Service was friendly but a pretty slow.
The best meal we had though was in The Kitchen at Hard Rock Hotel. Was amazing & loved sitting outside. Don't know how it works if your not staying at the hotel however.

Vivo, the new Italian place at CityWalk, is at least as good as anything at Epcot. BiCE, the Italian place at Portofino, is even better.

I also liked the Ploughman's Platter at Leaky Cauldron and the chicken and ribs at Three Broomsticks.


Antojitos in CityWalk is amazing, so it Tchoup Chop in RPR.

Best bets for sit-down dining outside Uni's parks:

At CityWalk: Emeril's, VIVO, Antojitos

At Royal Pacific: Tchoup Chop

At Portofino: Mama Della's, Bice

At Hard Rock: The Palm

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The Palm, Bice, and Tchoup Chop are all on my list for Nov. If you had to choose between Tchoup Chop and Emeril's in Citywalk, which would you choose?

I had reservations at both but ended up canceling Tchoup Chop because of the location. If we stay at RPR next time, I would give it a try, but leaving the park I just wanted to be able to get to our restaurant and getting to RPR seemed like an extra hassle.

Both are great but I prefer Tchoup Chop. The location isn't really an issue for me, the boat ride there is wonderful at the end of the day, or it's less than a 10 min walk from IoA.

Just came back from a week long stay at UOR. We tried and LOVED Mythos. The beef medallions were incredible. The Twisted Mac and Cheese and Chicken at the Hard Rock is one of my favorite dishes anywhere. The Taco Food Truck in Springfield was very very tasty. We tried Vivo and were underwhelmed. I got the steak at Anjiotios and hated it. Mythos was the best meal we had.

Good to hear. Staying at RPR, so it will be convenient.

We have ressies at Mythos and Emeril's in a couple weeks. Glad to hear people are enjoying them