What are our chances for these ADR locations?

We have a group of 6, June 2-9, 2 parents, and our kids ranging from 10-24. I’m fishing for thoughts on chances of a group this size getting ADR’s. With all the new restrictions and smaller group requirements, anyone have experience with 5 or more getting any of these?
I also read that picking specific times works better online than generically choosing lunch or dinner. Would I be better calling?

AK - Yak & Yeti
MK - BOG (breakfast) and Skipper’s
EP - Coral Reef and Garden Grill
HS - Sci-Fi and Mama Melrose

These were places I knew the 2 younger could find something to eat and not leave 90% of it on the plate, and enjoy the experience of BOG for the 3 first-timers.

I just booked ADRs this week for May with a party of 6. I booked Skipper’s and Y&Y no problem. Didn’t try for any of your other choices although I booked Sci-Fi, BOG, GG and Coral Reef for 5 in December no problem.

Just a note in case you were unaware, BOG is currently not offering breakfast and lunch is no longer QS. Both lunch and dinner are TS right now.


I tried to book for 6 at Topolino’s breakfast last week for May and couldn’t do it - had to call. Booked for 4 before doing so and then they forced the extra res for me of 2.

Had no problem for 6 at Homecoming.

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Thanks! I forgot about BOG not having breakfast.

I just booked GG for 3rd week in May. Got on at 6am and was able to get them party of 6.

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