What Are Operating Hours for HHN?

I have found start times but not any end times.

It ends at 1am

Thank you! I have looked and looked.

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If you are going to stay really late my advice is to just hang out at CityWalk for a late night snack or drinks. The parking garage is gridlocked with everyone leaving after midnight. I’d rather wait an hour sitting with a beer than in my car slowing inching my way out.


The kids are going and I’m trying to advise them. They will be using Uber, though. Any specific advice for Uber?

We have a 12noon start for Epcot the next day.

In past years thur fri and sat close at 2:00AM. Keep in mind that will also be the more crowded nights. The
https://orlandoinformer.com/universal/halloween-horror-nights-tickets-express-passes-rip-tours/ has excellent advice on when to line up at the gate as well as other helpful info.

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I wonder if they could walk over to Hard Rock Hotel and get the Uber from there. Hard Rock is a very short walk from USF (think Contemporary to MK).


Excellent idea. Thank you!

Thank you for that link. I saved it!

I definitely plan on getting them the Express Pass.